Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

“I was in desperate need of some organizational help. I had recently started a new job so things had gotten away from me, and I believed that all I needed was help with one junk-filled bedroom, and maybe a little help dialing out my bathroom. When Lisa showed up, she brought with her an entire kit filled with items to help me get started. First I answered a short questionnaire, which helped me realize that I’m not truly a slob, I’m actually a perfectionist, so I tend to put off doing anything unless I can get it perfect. That was an A-HA moment for me! Then we got right to work methodically going through some of my piles and drawers, and she had a system that allowed me to quickly make decisions about where things belong, what to keep and what to let go of. That was very helpful. Within 4 hours, she had done more work than I had managed to do in the previous 6 months! I was delighted and amazed at her friendly and helpful manner, her expertise with systems, and her way of making what I believe was drudgery seem more like fun. She’s upbeat, high-energy, knowledgeable, patient and fast. I am looking forward to having her back to help with more of my rooms: my garage, my kitchen cabinets, etc., etc.”
Deb M.
Scappoose Or.

“After experiencing multiple major life changes and medical issues, I struggled with depression and anxiety.  This resulted in a lack of motivation and an inability to maintain my household, leaving me completely overwhelmed. Lisa Marie Jensen’s positive energetic attitude inspired me to propel forward out of the doldrums I was facing. Through an extensive consultation, Lisa took the time required to understand my needs.  She provided a variety of functional, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable small space ideas and solutions for my office, closets, and garage.  She was professional, efficient, respectful, and trustworthy.  I felt safe sharing my personal space and confidential information with her.
Now, not only is my living space in tip top shape, but I can easily find and access the items I need.  I highly recommend Lisa for any decluttering and/or organizational project.  Thank you Lisa for bringing my chaos to order!  It was a pleasure to work with you and I’m so grateful for your help in simplifying my everyday life and getting me back on track!”
Krista W.
Hillsboro Oregon

“Lisa was great! My office space was small to begin with before extra family moved in with us, which required my office to become a guest room as well. Lisa was undaunted by the task and dug right in. Within a few hours my space was organized and everything I need is accessible. The process would have been overwhelming to me, but she went to work with a smile on her face and got it done! And she didn’t judge me.”
Lucinda R.
Gresham Oregon

“I liked the service Lisa provided to my home. I immediately know the difference after having a professional, like her. There was a task to tackle an office that I did not know where to start. Thankfully for Fast Fix we no longer have to worry about that!
Lisa showed us what we did not see! I was surprised working with her, that I did not really know how to organize. She saved me time, money, and sanity. Look forward to working with her again on future projects. I highly recommend Fast Fix to anyone interested in putting their home or life in order.”
Christopher H.
Beaverton Or.

“My personal and business document filing system had developed into dysfunctional chaos. I decided I needed help and contacted Lisa Marie with Fast Fix PO. Lisa arrived at my office and got straight on task. With a few questions she understood the scale and nature of my project. We developed an organization structure and proceeded to sort each group of documents accordingly. Within a few hours one entire year of documents were sorted and categorized with color-coded labels and easy to find documents contained neatly into individual Banker boxes. Later, Lisa followed up with additional ideas which I will add to what we have achieved. Thank you Lisa!”
Brent K.
Garden Home Or.

“Lisa’s major facelift for my kitchen made a big improvement. The drawers and storage are more inviting and thought out, now providing more room. Lisa also pointed out area changes for my living room and bedrooms. I recommend her services for home staging, organizing, and just a new look.”
Dr. David K.
Oregon City Or.

“I fully recommend Lisa for organizing any space. She is extremely effective and is a warm and fun person too. She is awesome at what she does. She is very professional and personable. She had ideas I never ever thought about, which helped for the task at hand and in the future. Her before and after pictures are just from one visit and show how good she is. I highly recommend her for a well-organized space.
There is no doubt of the improvement in my living area. On top of that, she left me with tips on how to manage my organization and more importantly keep myself organized. She’s knowledgeable about the reasons we end up with a chaotic home and finds real solutions. She’s smart, professional, straightforward, and very hard working. Getting organized was a very difficult task for me considering I had accumulated many things over the years, and Lisa is definitely someone you want in your corner.

“Lisa helped me create a new way of thinking and living, so in a way she helps people organize their minds and their lives. She is very passionate about her work which reflects in very effective ways of clearing out and reorganizing a messy space. Lisa also worked with me and personalized my organizational system in a way that worked for me, and disarmed my fears about my mess. Thank you Lisa, I needed it!”
Ray L.
Hillsboro Or.

“My goal with Lisa Jansen was to expedite the moving process of the contents of my entire home into three PODS. I was impressed with Lisa’s ability to organize and package my belongings that resulted me with quick and easy access to any particular item I would need. What I appreciated most about working with Lisa was her motivation and determination to get the job done on time, and meet my deadline.”
Steve S.
Vancouver Wa.

“I am so grateful and absolutely thrilled at my home’s transformation! For those that don’t know, like many people my age, once my children were grown, that great big house just didn’t make sense anymore. And, as a retiree, I needed something more appropriate for my income.
In moving from a 4,000 sf environment into a 990 sf cottage, I have suffered SPACE ISSUES!!! From day one. While I learned to part with unnecessary items easily, frankly there were just some items I wanted to hold on to with sentimental value, and NOWHERE to put everything.
And then the six month old 75 pound puppy arrived. SO…..I had shoes boxed in the living room, clothing shoved beneath my bed, an armoire that would literally assault me every time I opened one of the doors with all the “stuff” that came literally flying out. I had lost control.
I like to think of myself as a basically organized person. I like a clean home, and my counter tops free of nonsense. But I was losing the battle. Badly. It honestly was becoming an issue of more than just frustration, but made me refrain from entertaining I was so embarrassed at the overall mess!
Enter Lisa Marie Jansen, and her FAST FIX organizational/management skills. In an afternoon, she was able to show me how to better utilize what little space I had. How to figure out appropriate storage “boxes” to stack and organize (plus I can even see what’s in each}. She talked me through every task, did the hard work herself, and truly worked tirelessly until the job was complete.

Oh, did I mention I only have ONE closet? My bed was too large to fit in my cottage sized room, so I had to take out the closet! So with ONE closet to work with, Lisa was able to show how to better hang clothing to accommodate far more, without horrible wrinkling or shoving items randomly in.
Honestly, I now feel 100% better about living in my home. I know where things are. I can safely open my armoire without being hit in the head, and in fact have a great place to stack jeans, shoes and so on in an organized manner. I found SO MANY misplaced items, not only clothing or shoes, but personal memorabilia I thought was gone for the rest of time. But, there it was, shoved under something utterly non-related.

Important to note, is that as a former business owner myself, I appreciate the attention to detail, “keeping me on track”, and the enthusiasm and tireless energy Lisa Marie puts into her business. I was so initially overwhelmed, that I doubt any amount of therapy could have transformed me. Yet, when I now look into my home, my beautiful closets and drawers, a certain peace has come over me. As a highly anxious person, I had no real idea just how much my clutter was overtaking my time and my self-preservation. It was just all too much for me to tackle by myself. If you suffer from anything close to a disorganized home, as I did, I would not wait another minute. Call FAST FIX ASAP! Take your life and your home back.”
Susan D.
Lake Oswego Or.